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Abdülcanbaz is an "Istanbul Gentleman", he is also known as the "Formidable Turk."

He is a hero of all times, a legend which the people hope and dream of…

He always uses his remarkable powers to help the virtuous, the just and the downtrodden.

He is honest and brave. He is handsome, witty and smart, with muscles of steel.

He is famous for his "Ottoman Slap", with which he brings down tyrants and scoundrels.

At times he lives in the present; at times he is a brave soldier of the Ottoman Army. Sometimes he figures in a fairy tale, battling evil giants and at times, during The Turkish War of Independence. He swims in the deepest fathoms of the sea and at times bestrides outer space… His adventures go beyond the boundaries of space and time. 

The Adventures of Abdülcanbaz is a series of comic albums created by the famous Turkish artist Turhan Selçuk (1922-2010). As per agreement, the artist decided to transfer all rights of his work, Abdülcanbaz, to “GROUP BIZ Art Collection” to make sure all aspects of his legend is protected and promoted. We are happy to bring Abdülcanbaz together with the comic fans in Turkey and all over the world both in print and digital media.

Selected adventures of Abdülcanbaz are available in English (and later in 10 different languages) through "Abdülcanbaz iPad Application" on the App Store.

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