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Abdülcanbaz is getting ready to meet with the strip-cartoon fans worldwide via Digital Tree Publishing, which is under the GROUP BIZ umbrella.  

The adventures of the Istanbul Gentleman Abdülcanbaz are now in your iPad.

Abdülcanbaz E-Adventures, tailored exclusively for digital purposes and primarily developed for iPad and soon available for all tablets, will be published in 10 foreign languages, starting with Turkish and English.

Thanks to the Abdülcanbaz application in App Store, the famous Turkish comic book hero, the man-of-all-seasons Abdülcanbaz will be always with you, within your reach.

Turkish  and English versions of the application are available on the iPad App...

Let your iPad lead you to the amazing world of Abdülcanbaz, and accompany him through the exciting adventures by simply downloading the Abdülcanbaz Application on your iPad…